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Scam victims & the impact of scams

This chart shows the number of recorded scam victims in Buckinghamshire where a Trading Standards intervention has taken place.

A scam is a deception of an unsuspecting person, usually for financial gain. This chart shows the number of recorded scam victims in Buckinghamshire where there was an intervention from Trading Standards in each quarter from 2019-23.


Victims of scams may be referred to Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards from the Police or the National Trading Standards team.


The chart shows some spikes in the data which might relate to an intervention around a particular scam that involved multiple victims.


The Trading Standards team estimates that the financial impact of scams on the residents of Buckinghamshire, as a result of instances where there have been interventions, is £978,709 for the 2022/23.


This is an estimated figure based on direct and future savings where a trading standards intervention has taken place.

The number of recorded scams in Buckinghamshire

The number of scam victims in Buckinghamshire who have received an intervention from Trading Standards.

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