Residents safety concerns

These charts show the issues that residents in Buckinghamshire are most concerned about in relation to crime and community safety.

Data in the charts below is taken from Buckinghamshire’s annual Residents Community Safety Survey which covers residents’ perceptions of crime and community safety concerns.


The most recent Buckinghamshire Residents Community Safety Survey was open for four weeks from 5th September to 30th October 2022.  1,264 residents submitted a response to the survey. 

With regard to crime, the survey indicates that Buckinghamshire residents are most concerned about fraud and scams and the theft of items from motor vehicles.


The issues that most concern residents with relation to anti-social behaviour are speeding, litter and fly tipping and parking.


The survey contains more information about concerns around drugs, feeling safe in the community and reporting concerns to the Police. More detail can be found via the source link at the top of the page. 

Residents' concerns about Crime

Residents concerns about anti-Social behaviour

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