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Pension Credit Claimants

Pension Credit for residents aged 66 and over provides extra money to help with living costs for residents with low income. Pension Credit can help with housing costs such as ground rent or service charges. Pension Credit Claimants can be used as proxy for identifying residents in poverty and financial insecurity.

Pension Credit provides financial help for older people who are over the State Pension Age (currently 66) and on a low income. Similarly to Universal Credit, it can be used as a proxy indicator for the rate and location of people in Buckinghamshire who are in poverty. Not all older people who are eligible for support will have applied, so it can only be seen as a proxy. Data on pension credit is collected by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).


A lower proportion of older people in Buckinghamshire claim Pension Credit, compared to the average in the South East of England (8.3%), but that there are many wards with high levels of people claiming this benefit. The data suggests that Booker, Cressex and Castlefield, Totteridge and Bowerdean, and Aylesbury South-West all have particularly high rates of older people who might be experiencing poverty.


Percentage of 65+ year olds claiming Pension Credit in Buckinghamshire

(April 2022)



Pension Credit Claimants

Percentage of 66+ year olds claiming Pension Credit in Buckinghamshire by Ward Area (April 2022)

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