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Universal Credit Claimants

Universal Credit supports residents who are on a low income or out of work. It includes a monthly payment to residents with their living costs. Conditions for receiving Universal Credit include being in the process of searching for work, being in work but receiving low earnings and health or caring responsibilities which prevent work due to limited capacity.

This chart shows the percentage of working-age adults in Buckinghamshire who claim Universal Credit, a benefit that is available to people who are out-of-work and also those who work but are on a low income. The data is published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Households are eligible for Universal Credit for a variety of reasons. Claimants receive a single monthly household payment, paid into a bank account. They may also receive support with housing costs, usually paid directly as part of a person’s monthly Universal Credit payment.


The percentage of working-age adults claiming Universal Credit is a useful proxy indicator for how many low-income households there are in Buckinghamshire and where these households are distributed geographically. However, it can only be considered a proxy of low-income households because there will be some low-income households who are eligible for support but have not applied. The benchmarks in the graph suggest that a lower proportion of working-age people in Buckinghamshire claim Universal Credit, compared to the average in the South East of England (11.3%), but that there are many wards with high levels of people claiming Universal Credit.

Percentage of 16-64 year olds claiming Universal Credit in Buckinghamshire

(Sept 2023)


Universal Credit Claimants

Percentage of 16 - 64 years old claiming Universal Credit in Buckinghamshire by Ward Area (Sept 2023)

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