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This chart shows the number of recorded burglary offences in Buckinghamshire. Burglary is the illegal entering of a building in order to commit a crime, usually theft.

This chart shows the number of recorded burglary offences in Buckinghamshire between 2019 and 2021. Burglary offences decreased during the Covid 19 pandemic as a result of people being at home more; this is a pattern reflected nationally.


The benchmark shows the burglary crime rate for 2020/21. The rate is the number of incidents reported per 1,000 households, enabling a meaningful comparison of burglary rates in Buckinghamshire with other geographical areas.


These rates show that Buckinghamshire’s burglary rate was lower in 2020/21 compared to 2019/20, and that the burglary rate is lower in Buckinghamshire compared to the South East and England in 2020/21.

A table presenting the Burglary Offences Crime Rate for Buckinghamshire 2020/21 as 6.3 which is lower than last year, and lower than the South East and England.
Burglary crime rate calculated as 'number of Burglary offences per 1000 households'.


Monthly burglary offences in Buckinghamshire, 2019-21

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