Residents safety concerns

A quiet street with residential houses on both sides and cars parked down both sides

These charts show the issues that residents in Buckinghamshire are most concerned about in relation to crime and community safety.

Doorstep Crime

Red front door

This chart shows the number of Trading Standards interventions involving doorstep crime, typically cold callers to victims’ front doors.

Nuisance calls blocked

Red telephone handset

This chart shows the number of recent nuisance calls blocked in Buckinghamshire using a blocker device. These devices are issued by Trading Standards to vulnerable people to protect them from receiving nuisance calls.

Domestic Abuse

Black and white images of a blurred adult figure with their palm outstretched to the camera. Fearful / defensive pose

This data shows the number of recent incidents attended by Thames Valley Police which have been flagged as being related to domestic abuse in Buckinghamshire. The nature of the domestic setting means many incidents are unseen and may go unreported.

Feeling Safe

Peaceful image of people in a green park space

This chart shows the extent to which residents of Buckinghamshire feel safe in certain situations, as reported via the Residents Community Safety Survey.

Vehicle Crime

Cars parked in a row

This chart shows the number of recorded vehicle crimes in Buckinghamshire. Vehicle crime includes the theft of a vehicle, theft from a vehicle and damage to a vehicle.