Bucks Data Exchange

Welcome to the Bucks Data Exchange – an open-access platform containing the latest insights about Buckinghamshire and links to useful external resources. By making high quality data more accessible, we aim to help Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations identify how to have the biggest impact and make better informed decisions.

The Bucks Data Exchange is a one-stop shop for data, insights and statistics about the local area and its population. It is a collaborative platform and project delivered by Leap, The Rothschild Foundation, Buckinghamshire Council, Heart of Bucks, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, and Buckinghamshire’s Local Enterprise Partnership.



Access data about Buckinghamshire's population density, growth, ethnicity, and more


Find out about carbon emissions, recycling rates, broadband speeds, and more

Health & Wellbeing

Learn about life expectancy, obesity, rates of smoking, healthy eating, and more

Financial insecurity

Learn about pension credit claimants, the proportion of households in food poverty, and more

Community safety

Find out more about crime rates, anti-social behaviour, burglary, and more

Charities & Funding

Access data on the VCSE sector, the number of grants awarded in Buckinghamshire, and more


Find out more about the Bucks economy including pay, job postings, job density and more

Service provision

Learn about the services that support people in Buckinghamshire


Learn about education, schools and exam results in Buckinghamshire

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A Sustainability Audit is a process which evidences an organisation’s performance in relation to its goals to be more sustainable.

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Key Stats

Estimated population


Source: ONS, 2022

Male life expectancy


Source: ONS, 2021

Female life expectancy


Source: ONS, 2021

Receive unemployment benefit



Source: DWP, 2022

Households in fuel poverty



Source: DBEIS, 2021

Average house price



Source: Land registry, 2022

Overweight And Obese Adults



Source: Sport England, 2021

Estimated registered charities


Source: CharityBase, 2022