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Charity beneficiaries

This chart shows the groups of people that charities in Buckinghamshire seek to support. Charities can benefit many different groups of people and this chart does not necessarily reflect all the groups that charities work with.

This chart shows the beneficiary groups that charities in Buckinghamshire seek to support. It shows that children and young people are the most common group served by registered charities in Buckinghamshire, according to categories defined by the Charity Commission, with 1,120 different charities supporting children and young people. 


The next most common group of beneficiaries is the general public with 683 registered charities supporting this group, followed by elderly and old people with 523 charities supporting them. It is worth noting that a single charity can benefit many different groups of people and this chart is restricted by the data contained in the Charity Commission database. 


This data was collated by Community Impact Bucks for their State of the Sector 2019 report. It used source data from the Charity Commission’s register of charities. Community Impact Bucks published a methodology report explaining how they undertook the analysis and calculated their findings.


Community Impact Bucks were able to find beneficiary classification data for 1,789 charities registered in Buckinghamshire, included in the chart below. However, there are more charities registered in Buckinghamshire than this, indicating gaps in the Charity Comminssion’s data. There are also many more voluntary and community sector organisations that are not formally registered as charities and who are not included in this data.

Beneficiary group*

Number of Buckinghamshire charities supporting specific beneficiary groups

No Data Found

* The names of these beneficiary groups reflects the Charity Commissions categories and naming conventions.

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