Population pyramid

A population pyramid shows the distribution of age and sex in a population by visualising the proportion of people that fall into each category.

The population pyramids below show the distribution of age and sex in the populations of Buckinghamshire and England for comparison. The data show the year 2020, which is the latest available. Key insights have been labelled on the map with the numbers 1-4 and correspond to the numbers in the table underneath.


There are a significant number of older people in Buckinghamshire aged over 90. At this age, women considerably outnumber men. The same trend occurs in the population pyramid for England.

The spike in Buckinghamshire’s population around age 70-75 represents the increased number of births after the Second World War. The same phenomenon is visible in the population pyramid for England.

There is a high proportion of both men and women in their mid-40s to late-50s in Buckinghamshire. The trend is more pronounced than the profile for England. It is more pronounced in Buckinghamshire because there are relatively fewer younger people proportionally in the county compared to the older generations. 

The population pyramid shows low numbers of 20-30-year-olds in Buckinghamshire, which reflects a lower birth rate between 1990-2000. Younger people could also be moving away from the county to attend university or seek lower-priced housing. The lower ratio of 20-30-year-olds is more pronounced in Buckinghamshire than in England. 

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