Feeling Safe

This chart shows the extent to which residents of Buckinghamshire feel safe in certain situations, as reported via the Residents Community Safety Survey.

Buckinghamshire’s Residents Community Safety Survey is an annual survey which explores how safe residents feel in specific circumstances. The figures in this chart show the most recent 2021/22 data as well as benchmark data from 2020.


92% of residents said they felt safe when they were outside in daylight alone, a slight decrease from 2020 where 94% reported feeling safe.


53% of residents said they felt safe when they were outside after dark alone, a decrease from 2020 where 64% reported feeling safe.


55% of residents said they felt safe when they were on public transport, a decrease from 2020 where 65% reported feeling safe.

A graph presenting the proportion of residents who feel safe under the circumstance of being outside in daylight, alone (92%), Outside after dark, alone (53%), When on public transport (55%). All percentages are lower than in 2020 survey.
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