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The data table shows ethnicity in Buckinghamshire from the 2021 Census. The county had a lower proportion of people from a white ethnic background than South East England and England. The county also had a higher proportion of Asian, Asian British or Asian Welsh and Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups than South East England and England.

In Buckinghamshire in 2021, 79.9% of the population were from a White ethnic background compared to 81.0% in England and 86.3% in South East England. The largest ethnic minority group were Asian, Asian British or Asian Welsh. This group comprised 12.4% of the Buckinghamshire population compared to 9.6% in England and 7.0% in South East England. The county had a higher percentage of people with mixed ethnicity than South East England and England. There was also a higher percentage of Black, Black British, Black Welsh, Caribbean or African people in Buckinghamshire compared to the South East but not compared to England.

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