The data table shows ethnicity in Buckinghamshire from the 2011 Census. The county had a higher proportion of people from a non-white ethnic background compared to South East England but a lower proportion compared to England.

In Buckinghamshire in 2011, 13.6% of the population were from a non-White ethnic background compared to 14.6% in England and 9.3% in South East England. The largest non-White ethnic minority group were Asian or Asian British. This group comprised 8.6% of the Buckinghamshire population compared to 7.8% in England and 5.2% in South East England. The county had a higher percentage of people with mixed ethnicity than South East England and England. There was also a higher percentage of Black people in Buckinghamshire compared to the South East but not compared to England. 

The data below is from the 2011 Census, which is now more than ten years old. The 2021 census results are released in autumn/winter 2022. The fresh data will show how the ethnic makeup of Buckinghamshire has changed since 2011.  The new data will be published on this page alongside the 2011 data.

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