Map of Buckinghamshire

A boundary map is a map created for the purpose of outlining a boundary for an area and the areas next to it.

This is a boundary map of Buckinghamshire, which shows key roads and towns. It also provides selectable boundaries for Community Boards, Wards, Parishes and Polling Districts (updated when new boundaries are defined and provided).


If you click the link at the top of the page or the map itself, you will be taken to an interactive version of the map. The interactive version allows to select and deselect the layers such as Wards etc. plus you can zoom in an out to see the level of detail you require.

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Chart showing Population-Aged-18-64-Buckinghamshire

Population of 18-64 year olds

The data show how the working-age population (aged 18-64) in Buckinghamshire has changed over the last two decades and how it is projected to change

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Line graph with a pen, pencil and ruler next to it
Charities & Funding

Largest charities

This table provides information on the 20 largest registered charities operating in Buckinghamshire. It contains their latest reported annual income, a link to their website

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Lots of drug needles

Drug treatment

This data shows successful completions as a proportion of all in treatment. A successful completion means a drug user is free of drug dependence.

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Chart showing annual earnings in Buckinghamshire

Annual earnings

The graph shows the median gross annual pay for residents working full-time and part-time in Buckinghamshire, South East, and England.

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