Annual earnings

The graph shows the median gross annual pay for residents working full-time and part-time in Buckinghamshire, South East, and England.

According to the ONS Annual Survey of hours and earnings, Buckinghamshire resident median annual gross earnings for full-time workers in 2022 was £38,613 per year. This was higher than the median annual gross earnings for both the South East (£35,658 per year) and England (£33,208 per year). Median annual gross earnings for part-time workers in Buckinghamshire was £12,471, slightly lower than the South East average (£12,556), but slightly higher than the national average (£12,213).

Data is for gross income, i.e. earnings before taxes or other deductions. Median earnings is the preferred measure as it is less affected by a relatively small number of very high earners than the mean is.


For more information about jobs and skills, visit Buckinghamshire’s Economic Intelligence Observatory.

Annual earnings

Median gross annual pay for residents working full-time and part-time

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