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Population of 65+ year olds

The charts show how the number of residents aged 65+ has increased over the last two decades and how it is predicted to continue to rise over the next two decades.

Understanding how the population of specific age groups has changed historically and will change in the future is fundamental to planning services and ensuring future communities work for citizens. The population of Buckinghamshire, like the rest of the UK, is increasingly becoming older. There are now more people over the age of 65 than ever before.

The chart below shows how the number of residents aged 65+ has increased over the last two decades and will continue to rise. There were 44,100 more citizens aged 65+ in the county in 2020 than in 2000, which is a 73.4% increase. By 2040 the prediction is that there will be 36,100 more people aged 65+ than in 2020, an increase of 34.6%.

Population aged 65+ (Years 2000 - 2020)

2000-2020 Mid-Year Estimates (Buckinghamshire)

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Population Aged 65+ (Years 2021 - 2040)

2021-2040 Projected population (Buckinghamshire)

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