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Size of Bucks grants given

This data shows the size of grants given by some of the key funders in Buckinghamshire to Buckinghamshire based organisations. It gives an indication of how much funding these grant makers are giving out, and how big their awards are.

This graph shows the distribution in size of the grants given by the following funders in 2021: The Rothschild Foundation, Heart of Bucks, Leap, Fairhive (formerly VAHT), Red Kite and the Clare Foundation. Whether grants are given to individuals or charitable organisations depends on the funder and the funding programme, and there are other charitable funders in Buckinghamshire who have not contributed data, so this graph is only a partial view of grants in the county. The distribution of funding also differs between funders, with some funders providing a greater number of smaller grants, and others giving larger grants.

This chart combines the grants data from all the funders listed above and shows that when viewed together, the majority of grants awarded by these funders are for £2,000 or below


In 2021, these Buckinghamshire funders made 480 grants of £2,000 or less, in comparison to just six grants which were for more than £100,000.

Size of Grants Given

Distribution of grants given by Buckinghamshire funders to Buckinghamshire organisations in 2021

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