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Average House Prices

Average house price for all sold properties, over the last 12 months. The Land Registry collects data on all housing transactions, published by individual property and date. Community Insight presents this for your neighbourhoods, averaged over a 12-month period. The (N) figure in the data table is the total value of property transactions over the 12 month period (in £1,000s).

The average house price is important to consider as it is an indicator of the cost of living within Buckinghamshire. House prices affect mortgage prices and also the cost of renting in the private sector. The benchmarks in the graph show that average house prices in Buckinghamshire are higher than the average for the South East (£438,862), and there are some areas with particularly high prices. There are also some areas in Buckinghamshire, notably Aylesbury, where house prices appear to be cheaper.


Average household price in Buckinghamshire (April 2022)



Average House Prices

Average price of household (£) (April 2022) Ward Areas

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