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Value of Bucks grants given

This chart contains the total value of grants awarded by some of the key funders in Buckinghamshire, to Buckinghamshire based organisations. It shows how much funding grant makers have given away in the past few years.

This chart shows the total value of grants awarded by some of the key Buckinghamshire based funders to Buckinghamshire organisations. It collates grant data from the Rothschild Foundation, Heart of Bucks, Leap, Fairhive (formerly VAHT), Red Kite and the Clare Foundation over the past few years.


The total amount of funding awarded by these funders dipped from about £2.4 million in 2018 to £1.6 million in 2019 before increasing to £3.1million in 2019 and then £4.9 million in 2021.

Whether grants are given to individuals or charitable organisations depends on the funder and the funding programme, and there are other charitable funders in Buckinghamshire who have not contributed data, so this graph is only a partial view of grants given by Buckinghamshire funders. 


In addition, some of the funders who have contributed data record their grants according to calendar year, while others record grants according to financial year, so this graph is only intended to give a general sense of funding over time.

Value of Bucks grants given

Total value of grants given by Buckinghamshire funders to Buckinghamshire organisations

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