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Cost of living podcasts (from CACI)

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CACI is a data, insight and technology company. They procure and develop datasets and insights to help us understand the world we live in. They have recently released a series of podcasts where subject matter experts discuss what the data shows us about the cost-of-living crisis and what this might mean.


Here’s what they say:

“The dramatic increase in living costs in recent years continues to affect different people in different ways. With less disposable income, for some even basic spend decisions are being reconsidered. Whilst rising costs are impacting each demographic group differently, the effect are being felt by all. Using our powerful data and solutions we continuously track consumer attitudes and behaviour as the Cost of Living crisis persists, helping you understand and meet your customers’ needs.”


Click the link below and scroll down to find their podcasts.


Publisher: Buckinghamshire Council

Link: Cost of Living – CACI

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