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Nottingham Trent University’s Barometer Survey seeks views from Bucks voluntary sector, charities and social enterprises

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Nottingham Trent University’s VCSE Barometer Survey will be open between 13 and 27 September. 

At the Bucks Data Exchange we’ve been working with Professor Daniel King and the VCSE (Voluntary, Charity and Social Enterprise) Observatory team at NTU (Nottingham Trent University) to make the Barometer relevant and useful to our local groups and organisations here in Buckinghamshire.

Getting good local data is our goal – and we can’t do that without you, our members. The greater the number of survey responses, the richer the picture the results will paint of our current changes and challenges, and the stronger the evidence we will have to influence our local decision-makers.

100 Buckinghamshire respondents is our aim. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your voice heard and make a difference! Help us reach our target of 100 completed surveys. 

The VCSE Barometer Survey builds insight into real-time trends, changes and challenges in the UK voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. 

Findings are shared every quarter with national policy and decision-makers, local infrastructure organisations and the VCSE sector. 

Wave 4 runs from 13-27 September 2023 and includes topical questions on wellbeing.

Complete the survey here.


You can see the reports and insights from previous waves of the survey on the NTU Barometer webpage VCSE Barometer Survey | Nottingham Trent University

Please contact if you have any questions.

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