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Charity Digital Skills Report 2023

The Charity Digital Skills Report is the annual barometer of charities’ digital skills, attitudes and behaviours. 

The report aims to:

  • Track charities’ changing digital priorities post-lockdown and during the cost of living crisis.
  • Understand key trends in how charities’ use of digital is evolving.
  • Identify the support and funding charities need to progress with digital, including any barriers facing minority groups, so that we can make the case for change.
  • Measure where charities have skills gaps and what they need to grow their digital knowledge and confidence. 

The 2023 edition is a bumper report including data and insight about the following:

  • How the sector is responding to AI
  • The effect of the cost of living crisis on charities’ digital progress
  • Digital funding and support needs of charites led by or supporting specific marginalised groups, as well as sector wide funding and support needs for charities of all sizes
  • Digital trends, skills and progress across the sector
  • 10 digital calls to action for the sector. What do we all need to do now?
  • A checklist for funders to help them offer more impactful digital funding and funder plus support
  • Case studies of charities doing pioneering work with digital, from Scouts to RNID to Travel Hands
  • Commentary on what the report’s results mean for the sector by leaders from organisations including The Clothworkers Foundation, NCVO, Datakind UK and more


The Bucks Data Exchange are hoping to have an online Q&A session with Zoe Amar, report author in the spring, so keep a look out in our newsletters for more information. 


We would love to hear from you about data skills development areas you would find helpful and/or, if you have data use skills that you could share with others through informal skills and knowledge sharing opportunities. Get in touch


You can read the Charity Digital Skills Report online or download the full report as a PDF here.

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