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Five minutes with Heart of Bucks Policy and Insight Manager, Korri Lenney

5 minutes with Korri Lenney
Policy and Insight Manager at Heart of Bucks

Korri joined the Heart of Bucks team at the start of 2023 bringing with her an educated background in public health and health promotion. Korri has a broad range of experience within the health and well-being industry and is highly passionate about using her skills and knowledge to help bridge the gaps and reduce inequalities within the local community. Korri plays a crucial role in helping organisations in the charity sector to make informed decisions, based on the insights concluded from our data.

Korri is a key contributor to the Bucks Data Exchange as part of the project group and also uses the platform in her work.


Could you tell us a little bit about your role at Heart of Bucks?

As a Policy and Insight Manager at Heart of Bucks it is my responsibility to generate a deeper understanding of the VCSE sector and shine a spotlight on local issues. To share this information, I develop ‘insight’ reports that will help inform better decision making around the needs of our local communities in Buckinghamshire. The collection of this information involves networking, collaboration and creating partnerships that ensure effective engagement and dissemination of local views.


Why are you passionate about tackling inequalities?

I am hugely passionate about equal opportunities and enabling the improvement of social mobility across our communities, both locally and nationally. I believe that networking, collaboration and the sharing of data and insights, across all sectors, can positively influence and improve the ever-growing inequalities our communities are facing. Addressing inequalities within our local communities will lead to better opportunities for our future generations, promote community cohesion and provide a sense of inclusivity and accessibility for all.


How can we ensure resident’s voices are included in policy and practice?

In my opinion, this can only occur if we are working closely with our grassroot charities who see first-hand the impact of policy on our local residents. The part of my role which successfully achieves this is through regular outreach to understand the needs of our local community through the organisations themselves. This information is invaluable when it comes to creating effective and appropriate policies and lead to sustainable change.


In your role you need to have an understanding of data and use it to communicate the needs of Buckinghamshire, how important do you think data is in helping us build a picture of an area?

There are depths to data which need to be explored in order to display the best possible picture of Buckinghamshire. Data, both qualitative and quantitative, can tell a story of local needs and help to showcase the differing issues across our county. Essentially, this will help to evidence the needs of our communities and highlight any trends or links that need to be addressed simultaneously.


What is been your motivation to being involved in the Bucks Data Exchange and what value do you think you’ve gained from it?

My motivation stems from the belief in the power of data to create real change within our communities of Buckinghamshire. There is also motivation behind the new direction of the project to use the platform to meet the needs of the VCSE sector within Bucks, as this will uncover hidden issues and provide evidence for more successful funding applications as well.


Can you tell us about how you’ve used the Bucks Data Exchange so far? (approx. 150 words)

The Bucks Data Exchange has provided a platform of baseline data for me to use within my insight reports. This has enabled me to showcase Buckinghamshire as a ‘victim of the average’ when I have compared against more granular data at community board and ward level. It has also been great a tool that encompasses links and resources to other sites which also provide useful information; having access to multiple resources all in one place makes for extremely efficient working in my role. Aside from the platform itself, being a member of the project group has allowed me to share ideas and make new connections which have contributed to developing my skills within my role at Heart of Bucks too.


And just for fun…

What’s your most memorable holiday destination?


Are you a morning person, or a night owl?  

Morning person!


What do you do to relax?

Reading, long walks, yoga and painting.


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