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Local Insight Ward Profiles (May 2022)

Local Insight is a community insight data platform bringing together up-to-date open source datasets and matching them to your geographic area of interest. This data platform has been used to generate profiles for each of the Opportunity Bucks wards.


This suite of profiles was generated in May 2022. We will continue to download more up-to-date profiles and publish them in the ‘Opportunity Bucks’ Resources section of the Bucks Data Exchange Opportunity Bucks Archives – Bucks Data Exchange.



Publisher: Buckinghamshire Council


  1. Abbey Profile (with summary)
  2. Aylesbury North Profile (with summary)
  3. Aylesbury Northwest Profile (with summary)
  4. Aylesbury Southwest Profile (with summary)
  5. Booker, Cressex and Castlefield (old data removed)
  6. Chesham Profile (with summary)
  7. Ryemead and Micklefield Profile (with summary)
  8. Terriers and Amersham Hill Profile (with summary)
  9. Totteridge and Bowerdean Profile (with summary)
  10. West Wycombe Profile (with summary)