Scam calls blocked

This chart shows the number of recent scam calls blocked in Buckinghamshire using a blocker device. These devices are issued by Trading Standards to vulnerable people to protect them from receiving scam calls.

Scam calls are phone calls to residents that are unsolicited. Scam callers typically aim to find out personal information from victims that could be used for financial gain or decieve people by requesting a bogus payment.

This chart shows the number of scam calls blocked in Buckinghamshire in 2019-21 using a blocker device. It shows an increase in the number of scam calls that were blocked in 2021, with a significant peak in Q4 of 2020-21. 

Scam Calls Blocked

The number of calls blocked using a call blocker

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These figures only represent those calls that have been blocked; the total number of calls will be very much higher.

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