Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings

Two men at work using a machine

This survey provides information about the levels, distribution and make-up of earnings and paid hours worked for employees in all industries and occupations.

National Labour Market Data

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Platform providing national labour market statistics such as earnings, claimant count, education and unemployment. Data is updated and maintained by Office for National Statistics.

Workforce profile

Chart showing workforce profile in Buckinghamshire

This chart shows how the occupational profile of Buckinghamshire’s workforce compares to the occupational profile of England as a whole.

Top job postings

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These tables show the top job postings in Buckinghamshire, the South East, and England. There is also information on job posting intensity in each of these regions, which is the number of postings there were for each unique job.

Skills & Qualification Standards

Chart showing skills and qualification standards in Buckinghamshire

The data reveals the percentage of adult residents aged 16-64 with different levels of skills and qualifications in Buckinghamshire, the South East, and England.

Annual earnings

Chart showing annual earnings in Buckinghamshire

The graph shows the median annual earnings for full-time and part-time workers in Buckinghamshire, the South East, and England.