Buckinghamshire’s Heritage List

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This website, developed by Buckinghamshire Council, contains a list of the historical building sites and structures in the county.

Why is data important?

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As a data enthusiast, and manager of the Bucks Data Exchange, it’s remarkable to see how data is at the forefront of so many people’s minds in the VCSE sector.

Big Data versus Big Issues

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It was during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic that a sub-group of the Buckinghamshire Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Recovery Board formed. Through discussions at the Board it was increasingly apparent that there were stark issues facing people as the effects of the pandemic escalated. Alongside Buckinghamshire Council colleagues, the key funding […]

Largest charities

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This table provides information on the 20 largest registered charities operating in Buckinghamshire. It contains their latest reported annual income, a link to their website and the number of staff and volunteers they have.

Charity delivery approach

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This data shows the different methods of operation that registered charities in Buckinghamshire undertake. Charities can use a range of methods to deliver support to their beneficiaries and this chart does not necessarily reflect all the different types of work that charities do.